Bobo Shooter Photo Booth Singapore

The Bobo Shooter Photo Booth

Hello there!

If you're looking for a beautiful, high-quality, high-speed, instant printing machine, we've got you covered!


We provide a pretty cool photo booth that takes and prints high-quality photos at the touch of a button.


Let us know the details of your event and we'll be there, with the photo booth, professional lighting, and quirky props.


Check out our gallery for pictures taken by Bobo Shooter!


How does it work?

There are just 4 easy steps to use the photo booth

Bobo Shooter Photo Booth Singapore - How it works

1. Choose props

Bobo Shooter Photo Booth Singapore - How it works

2. Press the red button

Bobo Shooter Photo Booth Singapore - How it works

3. Take photo!

Bobo Shooter Photo Booth Singapore - How it works

4. Collect prints

Frequently Asked Questions`


What packages do you have?

We currently have 2 packages, a budget-friendly lite package, and a premium package. Do check them out here.


How long do I have to wait to get my prints?

We have one of the best printers in the market, able to print 2 high-quality polaroid sizes in less than 9 seconds. All prints are also water-resistant, and you have a choice between matte or glossy.


What print sizes are available?

We have several different print sizes available, but our most popular is the polaroid size.

Bobo Shooter Photo Booth Polaroid Print

The most popular size is the polaroid

Apart from standard 4R, all the other print sizes come in pairs, so that you'll get 2 photos per print-out instead of one. Other print sizes available are:

Bobo Shooter Photo Booth Print Sizes

What about layout?

If you choose the premium package, you can completely customize the layout and design of the overlay.


Here are some ideas for the layout that you can do. The coloured boxes represent the photos. One photo could be repeated in the boxes or multiple photos could be taken.

Polaroid layout ideas

4R layout ideas

Photo strip layout ideas

How does the basic overlay look like?

The basic overlay can be seen below, and you can change the event name, date, hashtag and colours. Alternatively, if you have your own design, you can request for the .psd file to design the overlay yourself. If you choose the premium package, we can completely customize the overlay for you.


Lite package basic overlay design

What other services do you provide?

In addition to the Photo Booth, we provide the following services:

  • Event photography with/without instant printing

  • Backdrop printing and installation

  • Temporary event furniture

  • Event-related support (we have created photo wall, 3D snowman, ad-walker, etc.) 


Please contact us if you have any questions or enquiries.